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 the very essence of zero....

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PostSubject: the very essence of zero....   Sat Mar 29, 2014 6:16 pm


This card is unaffected by spell/trap effects. This card cannot attack. This card cannot be destroyed by battle, and you take no battle damage with this card. This card's effects cannot be negated. When summoned: this card's original ATK and DEF are equal to the number of cards in your hand, deck, and graveyard x10 billion. Every time a monster is summoned, this card gains 10 billion original ATK and DEF. This card loses 100 billion original ATK and DEF for each card banished. Once per turn, you can target any number of monster cards in your hand, deck, and/or graveyard equal to or less than the number of cards on your opponent's side of field: special summon those targets. They cannot activate their effects or attack, and you cannot summon any more monsters this turn. Once per turn, you can target every monster card on your side of the field except this card: they are treated as "YHWH" and gain all the effects and increase their original ATK and DEF equal to that of this card for as long as they remain face-up on the field. Once per turn you can tribute one "YHWH" on your side of the field, then banish all cards on your opponent's side of the field and hand. You can only use 1 "YHWH" effect per turn, and only once that turn.

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PostSubject: Re: the very essence of zero....   Sat Mar 29, 2014 7:06 pm


I feel like this is one of those cards that's half really well-thought-out, and half LOL screw the rules because I can

But if you're going for the god theme then I think it works

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the very essence of zero....
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