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 Mist Valley Thunder Lord

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PostSubject: Mist Valley Thunder Lord   Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:54 am

Anyone know good ways to summon lvl 7 synchros? more specifically thunder lord without using divine wind since its at 1.
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PostSubject: Re: Mist Valley Thunder Lord   Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:05 am

I mean, you should definitely use Divine Wind in your deck even if it's at 1, but...

Okay, a quick search on YGO Wikia showed that the only ways to actually summon this card are to use one of the following monsters as Synchro materials (non-Tuner):
  • Mist Valley Executor (strong, but not really supported because it needs to be tribute summoned to use its effect. I don't know how fast Mist Valley decks could get this guy out, but if they can get it out quick, it may be good to use him, since they have 2 lv2 Tuners. Also there are some good splashable tuners like Plaguespreader, Cerburrel, and Krebons you could try. But let's keep looking)
  • Mist Valley Falcon (this card just screams Genex Ally Birdman. There are a lot of decent generic Lv3 Tuners as well, and I'm fairly certain there exists a Mist Valley Gusto hybrid that uses this + Gulldo?)
  • Mist Valley Thunderbird (Blackwings come to mind with stuff like Zephyros and Kochi here. But in general I'd think to try something like a plant engine (Spore banishing Lonefire + this card, or Spore and two copies of this), and definitely throw in Mist Valley Soldier. Vylon Prism is also a nice tuner)
  • Mist Valley Watcher (a Normal monster, so obviously only useable in stuff like bizarro Rescue Rabbit builds. Maybe you can find a way to use the fact he's a spellcaster?)

So yeah, overall not terrible options but I feel it'd be way easier at this time in the meta to try a more Xyz-oriented build if you're playing Mist Valleys.

Also, Shrine of Mist Valley isn't terrible either to keep field presence. Which means this + Divine Wind = 3 Terraforming is what I'd suggest.

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Mist Valley Thunder Lord
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