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 Rainbow World

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ally of justice catastor
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PostSubject: Rainbow World   Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:32 am

well, this deck is made by me, being the meta-hating guy i am, to counter people who say that Rein-Beaux is useless

this deck got 1 main card that would force the enemy to think twice on:
Ceruli, the Guru of Dark World

people might say he got some puny skill, but to some people who know how to use him, he would be a powerhouse

imagine this, discarding Guru, it gave the enemy your Guru, and OMG! you discard one card!!!

remember, this guru is not yours, so it is your "opponent's effect", and that means most of Dark World card would gain their hard-to-use effect, AKA Reain-Beaux's "awesome Rainbow!!!!"

some card that could help this deck is Dark Deal, which is under-rated though it is pretty useful for the late game

Kelet could also help this deck's progression as it would let you s.summon any Dark World card in your deck, in EITHER player field

which means that yes, you could just summon another Guru to discard another Dark World card and gain their effect on

this is my current Deck Build, and i can say its not "perfect" yet:

any kind of help would help this deck

thank you for reading this


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PostSubject: Re: Rainbow World   Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:38 am

Ah, another DW deck on here, finally Razz

Ceruli is definitely a good card; there's no dispute about that. He does combo very well with the new OCG card too.

That being said, have you ever played DW before? You should know that discarding cards for a cost DOES NOT activate DW effects... so stuff like Dark Grepher, Mind Pollutant, and The Supremacy Sun are all bad in here. Take them out please. Also I've found The Forces of Darkness to not really be very useful at all... take them out for more staples like Solemn Warning and Compulsory.

If you're refusing to use Grapha, at least try Fabled Raven. It's a wonderful card for a DW deck, pure or not. Also where on Earth is Snoww? That and Gates should be run at 3 to provide the most consistency for this. You might also want to try Dragged Down into the Grave over DW Dealings.

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Rainbow World
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