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 Top 5 Favorite from each Yu-Gi-Oh! series Archetypes that I like

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PostSubject: Top 5 Favorite from each Yu-Gi-Oh! series Archetypes that I like   Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:10 am

What are your favorite archetypes playing/reading/watching the Yu-Gi-Oh? There are a lot to list, but for the sake of this topic I'll keep it at 5. Each archetype is fun and gets better and better as the series moved on from Yu-Gi-Oh GX! ----> Yu--Gi-Oh Zexal. Here it is:
(Why GX? Couldn't think of 5 archetypes... And Top 10 Zexal archetypes because they are so many good archetypes to choose from.)

1. Toons
2. Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3. Zombie
4. Harpies
5. Gravekeepers

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:
1. Destiny Heroes/Charmers
2. Cloudians
3. Crystal Beasts
4. Aliens
5. Vision Heroes

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D
1. X-Sabers
2. Infernity (Really want to learn)
3. Karakuri
4. Naturia
5. Fortune Ladies

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
1. Madolches
2. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist
3. Geargiano
4. Gimmick Puppets
5. Heraldic Beasts
6. Gagaga
7. Chronomaly
8. Heroic
9. ZW
10. Duston

-DESTINY HEROES (Fun to play with Destiny and Trinity)*
-CRYSTAL BEASTS (OP with Abundance)*
-CLOUDIANS (IMO fun but those cloud counters killed me lol)*
-ALIENS (Interesting)*
-FAIRIES with some DESTINY HEROES (My former competitive deck)+
-CHARMERS (Fun deck)+
(MAIN DECK)-MADOLCHES (Fun and Competitive)'
-Geargia/Machina (When things get Real, it's 101% competitive)'
-Chronomaly (Makes a lot of easy XYZ rank 5, and keeps good field presense)'
-X-Sabers (They are cool and fun to play with. Also underrated.)+ [They are STILL EVOLVING AS WE SPEAK!]
-Dino Rabbit (Fun and Easy to make)*
-Heraldic Beast'
-Fire Fist'
-Hazy Flame
-Heroic Challengers*
-Battlin Boxers*
-Gimmick Puppets

*Not used anymore
+Occasionally used
'Still used
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PostSubject: Re: Top 5 Favorite from each Yu-Gi-Oh! series Archetypes that I like   Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:56 pm

They are an amazing deck for a really old archetype.

For obvious reasons.

I don't know much decks in 5D that I am familiar with, so I'll go with X-Sabers.

I love Madolche. One of my favorite archetypes if you will.
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Top 5 Favorite from each Yu-Gi-Oh! series Archetypes that I like
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