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 Wynn hopes for a weclome

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PostSubject: Wynn hopes for a weclome   Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:05 pm

Wasn't sure if this was a bad place to post this. I probably Posted an Introudciton before but it was probably like a 5 word hi and this seemed like it would be more through.

First off I want to thank this place I remember way back when I joined this site I joined because I was looking at charmer decks and I didn't see anything like mine so i wanted to see your guys reaction. Even back then I knew some of my decisions were poor but a few weak techs isn't always bad(Eatos in gusto). This place was a nice way to expand there very of meta. And from the begining and til the end I shall always try and expand my knowledge/ It was this place that helped me refine my technique. I am not sure how well this is of an introduce but I am bored so I do hope I am not spamming to much.

The main reaon I thought of this is because of my mom it is christmas time. So she is stressed trying to get things togehter. The reason I think about is because sometimes people find enjyoment from the means more so then the resuts. Obvously someone have something they like more having the the proccess of getting. But I thought this time of the year was a good moment to reflect one such a blessing.

In a addition to that I was reflecting how much I grow as a player from getting my butt pounded by fuuma Wink Such fun times.
I am starting to get sleeping from my pain meds and thus I forget where else I was going with this.
Merry Chrstmas.

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Wynn hopes for a weclome
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