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 What do you think of Fire Fists?

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PostSubject: What do you think of Fire Fists?   Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:07 pm

A new fire-attribute is coming out in Cosmos Blazer and here's what I think about them:
-They look really amazing and the artwork is magnificent.
-The effects may seem complicated but it's not. It's pretty simple and by far, the most unique along w/ Madolches I've seen.
-In the OCG most of the cards you need are commons, except for the XYZ (But I predict Konami will bump the rarity up for the rest of the cards).
-They have the capability of swarming, Clearing the Field, and establishing field presence.
-Anyone that loves fire-attributes should pick this archetype up! Smile
-Can they top YCS? I believe so, but the only match-up I see that can hinder them are: Water Decks and any cards that remove from play (Like Macro Cosmos).

What do you guys think of the Archetype? Need more info? I'll post link here:

Most epic wallpaper of Fire Fist:

-DESTINY HEROES (Fun to play with Destiny and Trinity)*
-CRYSTAL BEASTS (OP with Abundance)*
-CLOUDIANS (IMO fun but those cloud counters killed me lol)*
-ALIENS (Interesting)*
-FAIRIES with some DESTINY HEROES (My former competitive deck)+
-CHARMERS (Fun deck)+
(MAIN DECK)-MADOLCHES (Fun and Competitive)'
-Geargia/Machina (When things get Real, it's 101% competitive)'
-Chronomaly (Makes a lot of easy XYZ rank 5, and keeps good field presense)'
-X-Sabers (They are cool and fun to play with. Also underrated.)+ [They are STILL EVOLVING AS WE SPEAK!]
-Dino Rabbit (Fun and Easy to make)*
-Heraldic Beast'
-Fire Fist'
-Hazy Flame
-Heroic Challengers*
-Battlin Boxers*
-Gimmick Puppets

*Not used anymore
+Occasionally used
'Still used
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What do you think of Fire Fists?
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