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 aussa beast/beast warrior deck

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PostSubject: aussa beast/beast warrior deck   Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:19 am

Effect monsters

3x aussa the earth charmer
2x famillar possessed aussa
2x beast king barbaros
2x Trojan horse
1x enraged battle ox
2x giant rat

Normal monsters

1x beaver warrior
2x battle ox
1x archfiend marmamet of naferiosness
1x hitotsu me giant
1x mystic horseman
1x nekogal #2
1xceltic guardian

Note: I know the Celtic is not a beast but
he's cool enough to be in my deck

Spell cards

3x scroll of bewitchment
1x fissure
2x double summon
2x monster reincarnation

Trap cards

2x beast rising
1x cemetery bomb
1x mirror wall
2x spiritual earth art kurogane
1x rival appears
1x limit impulse
2x seven tools of the bandit
1x metalmorph
1x gift of the mystical elf

Aperently this deck works better than wynns deck tell what you think

Everything begins and end at zero
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aussa beast/beast warrior deck
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