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 Psychic Zone

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PostSubject: Psychic Zone   Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:58 am

Eh, I've been meaning to build a Psychic Deck for Hana on DN sooner or later, her plan is to get Hyper Psychic Blaster and/or Overmind Archfiend quickly, so Will suggested RFG Psychic's, but since I can't build a deck worth crap sometimes, I guess I can ask for advice XD.

Monsters (22):

Psy/Esper Girl X2.
Krebons X2.
Psychic Commander X2.
Mental Seeker.
Hushed Psychic Cleric.
Doctor Cranium X2.
Genetic Woman.
Mind Protector.
Overdrive Teleporter.
Reinforced Human Psychic Borg.
Serene Psychic Witch X2 (considering adding a 3rd by removing something else....).
Silent Psychic Wizard.
Psychic Snail.
Space Time Police.
Time Escaper.
Telepon D.D.

Spells (10):

Emergency Teleport.
Future Glow.
Psychic Feel Zone.
Psychokinesis X2.
Solidarity X2.
Dark Hole.
Monster Reborn.

Traps (9):

Psychic Rejuvenation.
Psychic Tuning.
Past Image.
Mirror Force.
Bottomless Trap Hole X2.
Solemn Judgment.
Solemn Warning.

Extra (11):

Hyper Psychic Blaster X3.
Overmind Archfiend.
Thought Ruler Archfiend.
Psychic Lifetrancer X2.
Magical Android X2.
Psychic Nightmare.
Ultimate Axon Kicker.

Yeah, it needs quite a bit of work to be good, that's why I'm asking for any advice that could help it XD.


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Psychic Zone
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