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 Spellcaster Lockdown

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PostSubject: Spellcaster Lockdown   Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:45 pm

I made this deck by myself...~! ...It probably needs more work, though...

Dark Magician x2
Apprentice Magician x2
Blizzard Princess x2
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Dark Magician Girl
Defender, the Magical Knight
Effect Veiler x2
Ice Queen
Magician's Valkyria x3
Old Vindictive Magician x2
Sorcerer of Dark Magic x2

Magical Dimension x3
Mausoleum of the Emperor
Monster Reborn
Mystical Space Typhoon
Secret Village of the Spellcasters x2
Swords of Revealing Light x2

Bottomless Trap Hole
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Magical Cylinder x2
Magician's Circle x3
Mirror Force

It's not really made for competitive-ness. Just more like...because I really like Spellcasters. I just also really like Control. o.o


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PostSubject: Re: Spellcaster Lockdown   Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:37 pm

Hahahaha, I use a Lockdown Deck in Dueling Network!! : P What a coincidence!! The only thing is it can take a looooong time to set up.

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Spellcaster Lockdown
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