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 Project Sephyra (Sign-up / Discussion)

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PostSubject: Project Sephyra (Sign-up / Discussion)   Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:22 pm

You are about to test the Sephyra Project, entering a new world that has faced countless wars... The current Earth was completely destroyed after World War Four leaving just a few to start over again. These few humans survived traveling to a distant planet they called Sephyra, a land with very inteligent life forms but very poor in cientific and tecnologic reaserch. Acording to legends, it resembled the medieval times on Earth that were described on fairy tales: Elfish creatures, the ability to use magic, giant beasts and dragons... it was like living on some crazy writer's dream.

Time passed and the humans were slowly accepted by the humanoid forms in Sephyra... not much later, they discovered that both species were able to breed leading Sephyra to become a whole new world. Some tribes rejected this new concept and allied forces against the new humans, the children of dawn. A thousand years have passed since that day, countries are divided and war is the only universal language...

Those who do not know their history... are convicted to live it again.

In order to sign-up for this RP, you first should create a character based on the traits listed bellow:


* Thief: Rouge, mischievous and sly character. Low defense and attack capabilities but excel at speed and skill.
(Ranks up to Rouge, Assassin and then Shadow)
[Can rank up from Rouge to Bard instead of Assassin]

* Traveler: Bard, travels around the world visiting every town telling stories. Low defense and skill, able to perform magic with words and songs.
(Ranks up to Minstrel, Bard and then Jester/Dancer)
[Can rank up from Traveler to Rouge instead of Minstrel]

* Archer: Able to perform long distance attacks. Low defense and speed, excel at attack and skill.
(Ranks up to Hunter, Hood then Ranger)
[Can rank up from Archer to Rider or Minstrel instead of Hood]

* Scout: Cavalry. High speed and defense, low skill.
(Ranks up to Rider, Chevalier and then Pegasus Knight)
[Can't rank up to any other Class]

* Swordsman: Low defense, high attack.
(Ranks up to Swordsmaster, Strong Arm and then Sabreur)
[Can rank up to Rider instead of Swordsmaster]

* Cleric: Healer. Low attack and speed; high skill, deffense and able to perform Healing Spells.
(Ranks up to Acolite, Saint and then Archlord)
[Can rank up to Lightcaster instead of Acolite]

* Mage: Low deffense and speed; high skill and able to perform spells.
(Ranks up to Light Caster, Shaman, Gale Wizard, Torrent Magician, Flame Enchanter, Earth Mage or Wizard)

* Light Caster: Light Mage, ranked up from Mage.
(Ranks up to Paladin and then Valkyrie/Holy Knight)
[Can Rank up to Saint instead of Paladin]

* Shaman: Dark Mage, ranked up from Mage.
(Ranks up to Necromancer and then Darklord)

* Gale Wizard: Wind Mage, ranked up from Mage.
(Ranks up to Windstorm then Zephyr)

* Torrent Magician: Water Mage, ranked up from Mage.
(Ranks up to Blizzard then Khamsin)

* Flame Enchanter: Fire Mage, ranked up from Mage.
(Ranks up to Blaze then Flare)

* Earth Sorcerer: Earth Mage, ranked up from Mage.
(Ranks up to Druid then Chthonian)

* Wizard: Non-elemental Mage, ranked up from Mage.
(Ranks up to Sage then Warlock)

* Apprentice: Mage-Warrior. Low defense, high attack and able to perform spells. Ranks up slower than other classes.
(Ranks up to Practitioner, Aura Warrior then Soul Knight)
[Can rank up to Wizard or Warrior instead of Practitioner]

* Fighter: Most balanced class. Balanced fighting skills, can't perform spells.
(Ranks up to Warrior, Knight then Royal Knight)
[Can rank up to Swordsmaster, Archer or Rider instead of Warrior]

* Beast Warrior: High attack, defense and skill; low speed. Can't rank up.

* Tamer: Dragon knight. Capable of performing magic, high attack, speed and skill. When a tamer is not with their dragon, their attack speed and skill halve but can still perform low level magic attacks.
(Ranks up to Dragon Master. Becomes Mage lv1 if their dragon is killed and they survive (MUST rank-up to Wizard))

Note: There is no multi-classing allowed. Not until your character has reached the third stage of their class, they can learn a new class instead of ranking up to the last one. Please keep in mind that this doesn't mean your character will lose the last class and start from zero, it will only take longer to rank up to either of the classes you pick.


Rules for these are easy, you can carry any kind of weapon as long as it's not a legendary weapon (you know, cursed blades, magic daggers that kill instantly, etc), you may or may not get one of those as the story goes on.

Your character can only have either 1 big weapon (longswords, ball and chain, etc.), 2 medium weapons (staffs, normal swords, katanas, bow and arrows, etc.), 4 small weapons (daggers, knives, senbon, etc) or any combination of the above.

Please note that the skills your character has will be affected by the kind of weapon he or she uses, for example: If your character is a Mage and has no spell tomes (med weapon), he or she can't perform magic. And if a character like a Cleric uses a meelee weapon, the damage he or she deals from physical attacks will be reduced dramatically since a class like that has no combat skills.

Weapons can either benefit or prejudice your character and will also affect the way they level up or class up, so be careful with the weapons you pick.

Character Sheet:

Full name:

(Human [most balanced race, fit for all classes] , Half-Breed [Elf/Human {stays balanced but increases magic while decreasing deffense}, Elf/Hybrid {increases attack and magic skils but drastically decreases deffense and balances out speed}, Human/Hybrid {slightly increases attack and deffense but decreases skill} , Elf {high magic capabilities, high speed, low deffense}, Hybrid {very high attack and deffense but must rest after a certain amount of turns} )

Clothes and vestiment:
Character Bio: (Try not to include places, mostly personality and any other thing that makes your character peculiar)
Affinity: (Thunder, Wind, Fire, Earth, Water, Light, Dark) [The affinity will take effect when traveling with other characters or in certain places, it will be assigned by the DM based on the character's personality so please include details on the Bio.]


-No god modding.
-No spam posts.
-Each post must be at least 5 lines long, include descriptions and dialogues (believe me, at first 5 lines seem to be a lot, but you'll be writing 1 page long posts as the story goes on)
-All discussions must have place in this topic and not the RP topic, this is to avoid spam.
-Any player that hasn't post in more than 2 months will have their character killed in the most ridiculous way possible and won't be able to join again unless you have a very good reason for that.

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Project Sephyra (Sign-up / Discussion)
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