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 Gate of a Castle

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PostSubject: Gate of a Castle   Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:44 am

Since we havent a thread bout samurai, let me start it.

ok. In a certain forum, and my conversation with my friend, this card must be limited. I angry. Why?

Let see, it is a gate. Just a woodgate that can be typhoon'd, tornado'd, storm'd. What makes it special?

1st. Takasugi san (GMOSS) and Samurais searcher! Oh yes. If you've at least 1 powerful samurai, special summon him. And The Shogun come! Laughing

2. Counter saver and taker. Save its counter for an OTK or shogun reborner. Take Bushido for strengthen defense.

3. It's rare! T_T . Oh my. Why must rare?

4. It's glowing! Ever see a shining woodgate?

But, it's not like Morphe-Morphe, Doriado, and Books, right? It's just a woodgate! *SLAPPEDBURNEDTIEDMUTILATEDDEATHCHARMER'D for an objective statement

any comments?


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Gate of a Castle
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