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 Yuji's Second Deck :P. VAMPIRES!.

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PostSubject: Yuji's Second Deck :P. VAMPIRES!.   Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:26 pm

Not the Me Yuji, the Yuji in the RP Razz.


That's only a few of the ones I made Razz. It's been a while since I updated them, the Names were Supposed to be similar to the Blackwings, like Ayla for example: "Vampire World - Ayla the Blood Spreader".

I also need to update the effects/lores, like Nina, her effect to revive a monster triggers during your Standby Phase only, and only works if a Vampire World monster was destroyed in battle during your opponents turn, and I need to work on the Trap, so it's harder to summon Takai. The tokens Kina summons are supposed to be Level 1. And Ayla's effect was supposed to work only if you controlled another "Vampire World" monster.


Me on DeviantArt.
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Yuji's Second Deck :P. VAMPIRES!.
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