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 Coingnoma the Sibyl a good card for a charmer deck

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hiita lover
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PostSubject: Coingnoma the Sibyl a good card for a charmer deck   Tue May 19, 2015 8:48 pm

This is Coingnoma the Sibyl:
Level 3 earth fairy ATK 800 DEF 1400
FLIP: You can special summon 1 level 3 or higher flip monster form your deck in face down defense position. You cannot activate monster effects except "Sibyl" monsters.

This card is good is because it gets the level 3 charmer monsters form your deck without using unpossessed. As we know the level 3 charmers are flip monsters because of the new layout for the new cards. Most likely she will be destroyed by battle and you get to used the charmer monster in the next turn. Also she gets a +2 when you have unpossessed on the field. I think she will be a good card for the charmer deck. This card will come to the TCG in dragons of legend 2.

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ally of justice catastor
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PostSubject: Re: Coingnoma the Sibyl a good card for a charmer deck   Thu May 21, 2015 12:20 pm

that card can work, especially with card like Genex Ally Change :3


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Coingnoma the Sibyl a good card for a charmer deck
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