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 Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon

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PostSubject: Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon   Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:41 pm

new Pendulum Xyz announced, and this one is cool looking

Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon


Once per turn, if you do not have a card in your other Pendulum Zone: You can choose 1 Pendulum Monster from your Deck and place it in that Pendulum Zone.

2 Level 7 Dragon-Type monsters

If this card is Xyz Summoned using an Xyz Monster that was treated as a Level 7 monster as any of its Materials: Destroy as many Level 7 or lower monsters your opponent controls as possible, and if you do, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the total ATK that those destroyed monsters had on the field. Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; this card can attack a number of times each Battle Phase this turn, up to the current number of monsters that were destroyed while in your opponent's possession this turn. If this card leaves the field: You can destroy all cards in your Pendulum Zones, and if you do, place this card in your Pendulum Zone.

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Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
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