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 Sphere of chaos(a charmer searcher?)

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hiita lover
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PostSubject: Sphere of chaos(a charmer searcher?)   Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:09 pm

I was on DN and I find this card called the sphere of chaos. It's a level 5 dark machine type monster with 1600 ATK 0 DEF here what is the effect: While this card is face up on the field this card's attribute is treated as light. Once per turn this card cannot be destroyed by battle. When this card is tribute summon,you can add 1 level 3 monster form your deck to your hand.
You know what that mends I can add all of the flip effect charmer monsters and genex ally changer. Once per turn it can't be destroyed by battle part of the effect is handy as well. What do you think? I think this is a good card for charmers.
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Gagagigo the Risen
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PostSubject: Re: Sphere of chaos(a charmer searcher?)   Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:14 am

Some years ago I tried to built a Chaos Deck with that card and its Counterpart - Chaos-End Master.
That doesn't work very well, because these cards are deathdraw. With the power creep of the Meta you won't achieve advantages ...
Besides a lvl 5 Monster doesn't help you for Xyz-Summons. Searching and tributing are only a +/-0. the searched Charmer can't be used instantly in the most cases. Sphere is a Machine type and Chaos End Master a warrior type - so there's no hope to use the familiars special summoning effects.
So I think you can't reach the diversity of the other engines - with King Feral Imp and Unpossessed ....

If u try to build something, then I would recommend you the following:
3 Chaos End Master
1-2 Chaos Sphere
1-2 Byser Shock
2-3 Mystic Tomatoes
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Kirikaze Fuuma
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PostSubject: Re: Sphere of chaos(a charmer searcher?)   Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:06 pm

It could, but not effective. You need tribute summon it first, and the Charmers goes to your hand. Not recommended.


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PostSubject: Re: Sphere of chaos(a charmer searcher?)   

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Sphere of chaos(a charmer searcher?)
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